¿Qué son y para qué sirven las Residencias Copylove? / What are the Copylove Residencies and what for?

Copylove Residencies are a space-time to share some ideas about the place for commons and love into communities; a shared place to deepen, crystalize and turn the relation between both concepts in action. A first person research-learning about practices where affections, emotions and cares are the centre of a community. An excuse to know and learn about these practices usually invisible.

Copylove Residencies have been developed in three meetings between February, March and April (coinciding with 14 Festival ZEMOS98).

This video was recorded during the first stage in February and exposes the context where Copylove emerges, and the objectives we are trying to catch with Residencies.

This first stage (22 to 25 of February) was asigned to recognize us and review some key concepts to begin the building of a common imaginary for working together. From here, we want to share our practices to explain the nature of Copylove.

Click here for knowing better about participating in Copylove Residencies.

ZEMOS98 counts on Rubén Martínez and Colaborabora for conceptualization and developing of Residencies.

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Grabación y edición: Lucas Tello / ZEMOS98. Material técnico: Centro de las Artes de Sevilla.


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